Plastic & Packaging Supplies in Brisbane

A&J Australia provides a wide range of plastic, paper, recycling and packaging supplies to Brisbane businesses across a range of industry segments, including food, agriculture, retail and commercial, industrial, warehousing, logistics, and many more. Not only are our products durable and presentable, but they’re also highly sustainable, with many options made from recycled materials that can be recycled again after they’ve been used.

Packaging Supplies

If you’re looking for high-quality packaging supplies in Brisbane, get in touch with A&J Australia. Our packaging supplies provide customers with a great way to wrap, tape, strap and secure any stock they have that has to be transported straightaway. No matter what your exact requirements are, we can supply you with superior yet competitively priced packaging supplies, with our range including:

Plastic Products

A&J Australia has a long history of providing high-quality and innovative plastic products such as plastic jerricans, plastic cubes, plastic bottles and plastic buckets to Brisbane based businesses. We are continuously expanding our product range to adhere to our clients’ ever-changing needs while also being committed to recycling and sustainability. We can provide you with the following:

Paper Products

All types of businesses require paper tissues and paper towels for their employees to use, as well as paper towel dispensers that make it easy to get paper towels. If this is something that your Brisbane based business needs, find out how A&J Australia can help you. Our products are suitable for the kitchen or bathroom in your workplace and are available at competitive prices.

Recycling Products

The possibilities are endless when it comes to recycling. Whether you require HDPE bottles and cubes, air conditioner and heater reducers, or plastic buckets, our Brisbane based business can offer recyclable, sustainable and durable products that will make a difference to both your business’s environmental impact and its bottom line.

Learn More Today

If you wish to speak to a leading manufacturer and supplier of recyclable plastic, paper and packaging supplies in Brisbane, send an enquiry to A&J Australia today. Simply call us on (617) 3800 2389 or contact us online.