20lt Oil Pail

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Product Code 80120
Volume 20L
Dimension H424*Ø285
Pallet Quantity 64(16*4), 48(16*3)
Neck Size 56mm
DG ApprovalNO
Polymer Type PP
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20lt Oil Pail

The 20lt Oil Pail from A&J Australia is an ideal choice when you need to store and transport valuable oils and other liquids. With a 20-litre capacity, this pail is designed to meet industrial needs while ensuring product integrity. Made from high-quality polypropylene (PP), it offers durability and chemical resistance in one, guaranteeing the safety of contents. The pail’s dimensions make it easy to handle and store, while the 56mm neck size ensures efficient pouring and sealing. Get in touch with A&J Australia today to learn more and order what you need.

Please note that while this pail is suitable for oils, it does not have DG (Dangerous Goods) approval.


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